Generators: Four Quick Ways to Control Your Diesel Consumption

In the last six months, the cost of diesel has increased by close to 80 percent; putting pressure on the dwindling margins of businesses and further reducing household income of Nigerians, who have come to embrace power generators as a lifeline to the epileptic power situation in the country.
In the face of current economic situation, increasing price of diesel, and the all-important role generators now play in business and domestic lives; here are a four quick ways to keep you diesel consumption in check:
Service Your Generator Regularly:
Obviously, most users service their power generating sets, but only few adhere to scheduled servicing, which is often based on the usage and other variance.
Servicing your set on schedule can reduce your consumption rate to a large extent, especially suggesting to your engineers to pay attention to the cooling system, which are crucial for preventing leaks and breakdown.
Check and Stop Leakages:
Persistent leaks clearly increase your diesel consumption. So we recommend that you frequently look out for leaks, particularly through the — of your generator.

Diesel Consumption Infographics

Load Generator to Appropriate Capacity:
Diesel generators are most efficient at high loads. So to optimize your consumption, you will have to load your set to appropriate capacity. If you consider your power load insufficient, we recommend you consider a lower capacity generator. One ways to know your load capacity is to test with a load bank.
Opt for Generators with Low Fuel Consumption
Lastly, just in case you’re looking to procure a new power generating set. We advise that you pay more attention to specifications that consume the lowest gallon per hour fuel burn.

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