Does His Impending Marriage Mean I Should Be The One To Move Out?

We live in the best two bedroom apartment in Lagos. There may be luxury flats in Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki but our flat in Ikeja beats them all by far. It is not really a flat, more like an extension to the main house which is inhabited by our genial easy going Landlord and his equally delightful wife.

The apartment is on two floors – the ground floor has the kitchen, living room and store and upstairs are two lovely ensuite rooms. It was meant to be an apartment for the land lord’s son but the boy refused to move back home after hsi degree overseas.

Everything about the apartment is superb. The rent is well below market price as the landlord is ‎more interested in company that market rent. There is ample car park space, the land lord’s generator is linked to our flat and we enjoy sumptuous meals ever so often from our landlady.

Okey and I share the flat. Even though the rent is quite low, there was a time I was out of work for three years and could not pay it. I asked Okey to join me. He would pay ‎the full rent and was to pay half of the rent when I got a job. Luckily three months ago I found a job and was looking forward to the time I would have saved enough to pay Okey back.

Then Okey landed what appeared to be good news. He had asked his long standing girlfriend to marry him when he heard that she was pregnant. She said yes. I was very happy for them.‎ I had put marriage on hold due to my precarious financial position but with my new job came renewed hope.

I asked Okey about his plans fully expecting to be part of them. When did they plan to marry? Where, what kind ‎ of service would it be? After a while, I noticed that Okey was not looking very happy. What was bothering him? After two days he explained that it was the fact that as he was getting married, I would have to leave the flat. Leave the flat? I was stupefied.

What was he talking about? The fact that I had not paid the rent for three years did not mean that it was his flat. He had paid the rent on my behalf. It was a loan. He saw the look on my face and his started explaining how his fiancee liked the flat and since I could not afford it, he thought he would take it over while I looked for somewhere ‘smaller’.

I walked out on him. What an ingrate! I invited him to join me in the flat specifically to help me until I got on my feet. This is how he repays me. What should I do now?

Please comment below and let’s hear your advice.

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  • Abibo

    June 23, 2016 at 8:03 pm

    You are the rightful occupant.However, due to the complexity of the matter,meet a property lawyer for professional advice.

  • Abibo

    June 23, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    You remain the rightful occupant because you are are the one that signed the rent agreement with the landlord. See a property lawyer for professional advice.



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