Should a Landlord tell his tenants that he wants to sell his house?

Should a Landlord tell his tenants that he wants to sell his house? –

I once got an sms from my landlord stating that he was angry with me and wanted to see me. I couldn’t think of what the matter was but I immediately rushed to see him the next morning. He was pleased that I was so prompt in responding. After insisting that I took some breakfast, he got to the point. He was angry with me because I was getting married and I did not tell him.

I was stunned. My long-standing boyfriend had asked me to marry him only a few days ago and very few people had heard about it. How did my Landlord know? I then realised that the other tenants must have told him. When my boyfriend dropped me at home that fateful night, I was shouting, singing and dancing with so much gusto, that my co-tenants had inquired what the matter was. I had no choice but to tell them and they must have told the landlord.

I apologised to him and the following week, introduced him to my fiancé. The Landlord was so charming and supportive that my beau decided that it was better for us to move into my flat instead of his own. This was an argument that we had been having and I was so grateful to the Landlord for subtly swinging the decision my way. I definitely did not want to live in my fiancé’s flat because I knew that he had affairs with other girls there. It would not be suitable for a matrimonial home.

Over the next four years, my husband and I and our little son, enjoyed the fatherly attentions of the landlord. He came to the wedding and even the naming ceremony of our child. When we had some financial problems and there were delays in paying our rent or service charge, the landlord overruled the agent and warned him not to disturb his ‘children’

This was the relationship, the landlord had with all our co-tenants. We all luxuriated in the security of our paternal landlord. Some who had to move because of expanding families did so reluctantly.


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Then one day came the bombshell: a letter from the landlord that he had sold the property! We all could not believe it. We had no idea that he was trying to sell the place. At a hurried meeting of all the tenants, everyone was distressed and angry at the landlord. How could he have done such a thing without telling us? Were we not his ‘children’ anymore? Why did he not give us a chance to buy the property? Did he think we were so poor that we could not afford to buy it?

After a lot of complaining and anguished statements, I was designated as the spokesman to pass on our views to the landlord.

When I met up with him, he was his usual affable self.  As I poured out our feelings, his face changed. He was so surprised. A friend had offered him a fantastic sum and he needed the bulk money urgently to take advantage of an opportunity abroad. It had never crossed his mind to tell us that he was selling the property.  As long as the new owners had promised that they would continue taking care of the tenants, he felt okay with the transaction.

“Should a landlord have to tell his tenants when he is selling his house?” I kept pondering at his question.

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