How to Rectify Errors on Registered Land Title Documents in Lagos

land title documents

No matter how minute or unintentional, an error or defacement on a registered land title documents like a Deed of Assignment, Purchase Receipt, Certificate of Occupancy, among others is, it can lead to the cancellation of a transaction or even a future litigation.

While such errors could be in the form of: incorrect description of the property such as its area and dimension, incorrect description of the parties to a landed property transaction such as their names and addresses, incorrect address and survey number of the property, incorrect details about ownership and property measurement as well as the terms of the transaction; issues concerning defacements could be in the form of torn pages and mutilated pictures, signatures or other details on the title document.  When any of this is detected, the document used to correct it is known as a Deed of Rectification.

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The Deed of Rectification, which should be prepared by a well-grounded lawyer in the area of property transactions and documentation, should include the following information:  the name and address of the rectifier/vendor, details on the principal title document as well as the details of the rectification to be made. To be registered at the Lagos State Lands Registry, the Deed of Rectification should be accompanied with an application for registration to be addressed to the Director, Lagos State Lands Registry, Block 13/14 Lagos State Lands Bureau, Alausa Secretariat, Ikeja, four passport sized photographs of the applicant,  evidence of payment of Income Tax, sworn affidavit for the purpose on which the Deed of Rectification is being made, Photocopy of Proof of Identity and a Certified True Copy of the principal title.

A sum of N100,000 will be charged by the Lands Registry for registration, N5,000 for stamp duty and N10,000 for endorsement; payable to any of the Lagos State revenue collecting banks. It should however be noted that the Deed of Rectification cannot be used to correct any error made on points of law such as nature of the transaction or a change of scope from the original title (such as a Deed of Assignment cannot be registered as a Deed of Gift ). If there are mistakes related to law in the principal title, a separate procedure is to be followed and they cannot be fixed through the Deed of Rectification.

Sometimes, an error may re-occur in the registered Deed of Rectification and may require further rectification. A supplementary Deed of Rectification can be executed in such cases to correct the error(s).

Below is the summary of the requirements for the rectification of errors on a registered land title:

  1. An Application Letter addressed to the Director of the State’s Lands Registry.
  2. 2 copies of Deed of Rectification.
  3. 2 copies of Sun print Survey Plan (for Survey Rectification).
  4. Half-page publication in a widely circulated newspaper (for Rectification of Name).
  5. A valid means of identification (national ID Card, driving license, Voter card, or the data page of international passport).
  6. Sworn affidavit with photograph attached. Four copies of passport photograph are required.
  7. Receipts of payments for:
  • Stamp duty – N5,000
  • Endorsement – N10,000
  • Registration – N100,000
  • Tax payments

Visit for more on this and other important information from the Lagos State government.

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