Regularization of Land Titles in Lagos State


For unsuspecting members of the public who have encroached on a Lagos State Government Land, there is a window of opportunity to get a valid tile on such a land known as Regularization, the policy avails buyers of uncommitted Government Land the opportunity to obtain legal title to the land based on two main conditions. Firstly, that the land is not situated within a Government Scheme, Estate or Committed Area. Secondly, that the land is situated within an area that conforms with Urban and Regional Planning regulations and standards of the State (the appropriate distances from drainage systems, canals, oil and gas pipelines, PHCN transformers, high tension wires, electricity and telephone poles, water pipelines is observed, the beacons on the survey plan conforms with what is on the subject site and that the subject site does not fall on road alignments and is not within forest reserve).

To ascertain the status of land, a Land Information Certificate must be obtained from the Office of the Surveyor General, located at 133, Obafemi Awolowo Road, Alausa Ikeja. The certificate is the result of a search done on the land which will show if such a land is any of (A) Under Acquisition but Not Committed, (B) Under Acquisition and Committed or (C) Not Under Acquisition. Regularization is required for category A, category B is out of bounds to anybody while category C does not require regularization.

Apart from titles to land, the Directorate of Land Regularisation located at the Lagos State Lands Bureau (Block 13/ 14), Alausa Secretariat, Ikeja is also charged with the responsibility of processing applications for the grant of building plan approvals in a situation where structures have already been erected on the land.

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Documents Required for Regularisation

·         A covering letter by the agent or person filing the application for regularization must accompany the application. This covering letter should contain the following contact details of the applicant: address, telephone numbers, and mobile phone numbers and where possible an e-mail address.

·         A duly completed application made on (Land Regularisation Form 1) obtainable from the Lands Bureau. Application forms for Residential Plots cost =N=5,000.00, while forms for Commercial Plots cost =N=10,000.00. The Form must be dated and signed by the applicant and sworn to before a magistrate or notary public.

·         Four passport sized photographs of the applicant

·         Land Information Certificate

·         Photocopy of Purchase Receipt duly stamped

·         Current Special Development Levy N100.

·         Evidence of payment of Income Tax

·         Sketch Map of Site Location

·         Three Original Survey Plans.

·         Photocopy of Proof of Identity (national ID Card, driving license, Voter card, or the data page of international passport).

·         Letter of Authority (if the application is filed by a person other than the applicant)

In a situation where a building has been erected on the land, the additional requirements are as follows:

·         5 Sets of Architectural Drawings

·         5 Sets of Structural Drawings

·         Clearance Letter in lieu of Title Documents Sunprint Copy Of Survey Plan

·         COREN Letter of Supervision

·         Sworn Affidavit in Lieu of Tenement Rate

·         EIA report if land Title to be granted is commercial (2Copies)

·         Payment of processing fee for building plan approval

·         Photograph of property

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