The sunken living room


If you have a large living area, there is a temptation to cram the space with furniture and other stuff and at the end of the day, the space looks cramped rather than spacious.

One trick one can use is to create a sunken living room within the space. With the furniture in the sunken space out of the line of sight, the perception of a huge space is preserved.

If you look at the two pictures showcased here, try to imagine a level area with the same furniture in the sunken area arranged on the same level as the other furniture.

See what we mean?




Modern four poster bed



As the foreign exchange rate depreciates against the Naira furniture prices are going to follow the dollar …..way up.

So it is time to start looking ‘inwards’ – getting a great carpenter and coming up with classy but simple designs he can execute. One of such simple but dramatic pieces a good carpenter should be able to deliver on is a four poster bed.

Yes it is quite old fashioned but without the fussy decorations it can give a modern look, here are two example for inspiration. Good luck with that carpenter!



…..and this simple platform bed


Just plane some logs, get your trusty carpenter to put them together, finish the wood as you like and voila, a platform bed.




Don’t forget the mattress now.



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