The generator House of an industrial premises soundproofed and ready for use.

Noise is an irritating unwanted sound which emates mostly from engines and machines and generators are no exceptions. All over Nigeria, the peace and quiet of the environment is shattered by the sounds of generators. What can be done? Soundproofing is the short simple answer.  There are two major types of soundproofing: Canopy and Generator house soundproofing. Canopy soundproofs the actual generator and is movable. Soundproofing the generator house means that the actual space is soundproofed and this means that mobility is scarified but there is the advantage that one  can change the Generators without damaging  the soundproof. To soundproof a Generator house, rockwool insulating  fibre is compressed into sound attenuators and installed around the  Generator house so as to allow air inlet and but muffle the sound. All diesel Generators from 5kva to 5000kva  can be soundproofed as long the Generator is in an enclosed space. JT Nigeria Limited (08023061918, 08033329331 email: who provided this information say that they can soundproof a generator house so well that one can make phone calls standing outside the Generator house‎.